Writing and editing for international organizations

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My workshops are aimed at everyone in international organisations who writes for a wider public. I tailor each workshop to the group’s needs by analysing samples of participants’ writing.

The group is limited to 12 people to give all participants a chance to share their needs, questions and experiences.

The workshop covers a wide range of writing situations, from reports and press releases to web pages and social media. It includes hands-on editing practice. It will help you to:

  • identify target audiences, communication goals and reading contexts
  • plan and structure documents logically and convincingly
  • build clear and concise paragraphs and sentences
  • choose the most appropriate words and identify words to omit
  • avoid, explain or replace jargon and buzzwords
  • identify political implications of word choices and grammatical structures
  • revise drafts, identifying ways to improve structure, clarity and conciseness.

Method: Individual, paired and group activities and exercises, interspersed with presentations (“mini-lectures,” videos, and group analysis of sample texts).

Materials: Each participant receives a 40-page workbook.

Media: Prezi presentation to support key points; flip-chart to sketch key ideas and list group findings.

Fee per person: EUR 300 (non-profits) or EUR 400 (private sector).

TO REGISTER: Write to andrew at wordsforchange.com or call +336-6517-3966


Helen Swain, World Trade Organization: “I would whole-heartedly recommend that professionals whose work involves writing and/or editing for international organizations consider taking part in this workshop. The skills studied are extremely relevant.”

Alexandre Munafò, Interpeace: “Andrew’s workshop allowed me to change the way I write at work. Through concrete examples and with humour and tact, Andrew helped us get away from ‘traps’ in which we fall when we use jargon, buzzwords or unnecessary words. Thanks to the well-structured outline of the course and Andrew’s rich experience in working for international organizations, we have received practical tools to improve our writing and editing skills immediately.”

Susanna Pak, International Trade Centre: “Andrew’s training course is unique in that he tailors the material so that it’s directly relevant to people working in international organizations. His course covers the essentials of journalism – such as writing in the active voice and reducing jargon – while keeping in mind the requirements of writing for an international audience. The most helpful part is that he not only shares tips and examples of clear and effective writing and editing, but you have the opportunity to practise what you learned on the spot.”

Rachel Quick, UN Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs: “Working in international organizations, we all fall into the (bad) habit of using technical jargon and clichés. In this workshop, Andrew gives you an opportunity to take a fresh look at your writing, encouraging you to break bad habits and convey messages simply and concisely.”

Paulette Jones, World Food Programme: “Andrew Johnston’s writing and editing workshop demystifies the art of writing. Andrew takes you carefully through the rubrics of good writing, providing plenty of practical exercises along the way. His course helps you identify your writing style and explains how to refine it in simple, yet effective language. Gone will be the repetition, verbosity, jargon and buzzwords! Your writing and communications will come alive. For anyone interested in the crafting narratives and communicating in a compelling and convincing way, I highly recommend this course.”