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Andrew Johnston  |  Trainer, editor and consultant

I help international organizations to make the world a better place.

I train people to write more powerfully.


My workshops are aimed at everyone who writes for a wider public.
They cover a wide range of writing situations, from reports to social media.
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“Thanks to Andrew’s rich experience in working for international organizations, we received practical tools to improve our writing and editing skills immediately.”

– Alexandre Munafò, Interpeace

My niche

I help researchers

write policy.

I help policymakers understand research.

I help communicators get the words right.


Making a difference
It’s not just about writing better, it’s about achieving your goals: improving lives, reducing poverty, boosting growth, halting climate change . . .

I can reimagine and rework any document.


As an editor, I specialize in “heavy lifting” – transforming dense or difficult texts through close attention to message, structure and style. I write and edit publications for a wide range of agencies, particularly in the development field (education, energy, climate, health and African progress). More . . .


“Andrew can pick up a rough first draft, turn it into a compelling narrative and polish the language so that the key messages shine out.”

- Caroline Kende-Robb, executive director, Africa Progress Panel

I can help you hone messages and arguments.


As a consultant, I can help you take a report from outline to draft to finished product. I can help you analyse and improve the writing and editing process in your organization. Tell me what you need!  More . . .


I'm a language person. I spent 25 years editing for newspapers, including 11 years at the International Herald Tribune in Paris. I'm also a poet!
I focus mainly on development issues
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My clients

I work for UN agencies,

NGOs, think tanks, development banks, foundations and other international organizations.
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Andrew Johnston, 55 rue Bichat, 75010 Paris, France  |  andrew@wordsforchange.com  |  +336-6517-3966