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Addis Ababa, Bangkok, Berlin, Bonn, Copenhagen, Geneva, The Hague, Istanbul, Montreal, Nairobi, Rome, Vienna

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Frequently asked questions


Do you offer in-house workshops? Yes, about two-thirds of my workshops are in-house. The rest are open to anyone who works for a non-profit group.


Do you offer webinars? I am developing webinars at the moment and will post news about them on this site when they are ready.


Do you offer online learning? I am in the process of turning my workshop material into e-learning modules.  I will post news about them here.


Is there a book based on your workshops? I'm working on it!


Can non-native speakers of English take your workshops? Yes! Many participants are non-native speakers. The workshops are about writing, however, rather than general English skills. They suit both native and non-native speakers.

From my base in Paris I travel widely, so feel free to ask  about training or consulting projects.

I've given workshops in Europe (Amsterdam, Berlin, Bonn, Brussels, Copenhagen, Geneva, The Hague, London, Luxembourg, Nicosia, Paris, Vienna), Africa (Addis Ababa, Nairobi), Asia/Oceania (Bangkok, Singapore, Wellington) and North America (New York, Washington).


You can contact me at:


+336-6517-3966 (portable)

+339-8184-1219 (office fixed line)

andrew @ wordsforchange . com

Skype: andrewgj

My office address is 55 rue Bichat, 75010 Paris, France.

Why do workshop prices differ from city to city?
I set workshop prices by estimating the market rate in each city and then applying a discount to reflect the non-profit status of workshop clients. In developing countries, I keep prices as low as possible.


Do you offer discounts for NGOs? All my workshops are for NGOs and other non-profit groups, so a discount is already incorporated. I sometimes lower the price for an organization as a personal contribution to its work.


Do you give workshops for private companies?

I tend to focus on non-profit organizations because I am motivated by helping people who help others.


Is Words for Change a company? I am registered in France as a self-employed consultant (professionnel libéral) so I trade under my own name. Words for Change is an informal name for my work. It is registered as a trademark.


Do you offer private lessons? Not at the moment, but that may change.


Do you have a climate  policy? When I have to fly to a workshop, I calculate my flight emissions at Carbon Footprint and buy carbon offsets at Gold Standard.


Andrew Johnston, 55 rue Bichat, 75010 Paris, France  |  andrew@wordsforchange.com  |  +336-6517-3966