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Andrew Johnston  | Editing and writing

More than just words: I edit for message, structure and narrative.

It's not just about better writing. It's about achieving your goals.


As an editor, I'm your first reader.


I'll help you clarify your aims, audiences, messages and narratives.


I'll help you anticipate readers' interpretations and reactions.


I'll work with you to make sure that:


  • we present information clearly and concisely
  • we guide readers logically through your explanations and arguments
  • we show readers clearly what actions we are recommending
  • we provide signposts for readers with different needs, speeds and interests
  • the language and tone are appropriate for your audiences and your goals.


I specialize in "heavy lifting" - transforming dense or undeveloped texts through close attention to message, structure, style and narrative.


I bring 30 years' editing experience to every job I do. Since leaving journalism in 2010, I have built up expertise in several development fields, including education, health, energy and climate, with a special focus on Africa.


My major recent editing and writing clients include the African Development Bank, the OECD, the International Energy Agency, the Africa Progress Panel and UNESCO. More . . .

Editor and consultant,

Africa Progress Panel, 2012-2017

As well as editing the annual report of the Africa Progress Panel, a non-government group led by Kofi Annan, I wrote or edited many of the panel’s communications. This included opinion articles, speeches and video scripts for Kofi Annan and other panel members.


Editor, Education for All Global Monitoring Report, 2010-2014

As editor of the UN's major annual education report, my role involved not only rewriting and editing the report but also planning and drafting; editing all written communications by the report team; editing and writing the World Education Blog; and giving writing tuition to team members.

Andrew Johnston, 55 rue Bichat, 75010 Paris, France  |  andrew@wordsforchange.com  |  +336-6517-3966