Advanced and two-day writing workshops


My one-day advanced workshops focus on group analysis of the six participants’ texts. Participants usually take my core workshop before registering for the advanced workshop.


My two-day workshops combine my core workshop material with a choice of 90-minute modules from a wide range of topics:

  • Scientific/research writing
  • Concept notes
  • Opinion articles (opeds)
  • Social media
  • Executive summaries
  • Effective email
  • Managing colleagues’ writing
  • Analysing 2 writing samples
    (by participants if possible)
  • Writing blogs
  • Policy briefs
  • Presentations
  • Critical thinking
  • Using data to tell a story

Base fee per person:


Advanced workshops €425 (in-house/online), €495 (in-person).


Two-day workshops €625 (in-house/online), €695 (in-person).


Discounts apply in Africa and Asia, for multiple workshops and for large groups.


To register: Write to or call +336-6517-3966.